We have partnered up with Yreeka, a technology company based in Durban, to offer their locally developed, award winning platform.

Teachfolk has been designed with some of the most agile technology available. You get the convenience of an intuitive online learning experience that is geared for scale and exponential growth. And it all comes at minimal ongoing costs. 

Teachfolk can be used by training institutions, schools, organisations and individuals to drive learning online.  If you are looking to...

  • create a virtual online school

  • drive learning within your organisation or to your affiliate channel

  • or to earn passive income through selling your courses online (via your own website or your social media platforms)

...we can partner with you to deliver an exceptional online experience, through a scalable LMS.

Plus you get the benefit of a white labelled microsite, fully customisable to your brand look and feel

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Online Discussion

This is arguably the most difficult part as our fear of technology plays a big role in getting started.  It often feels like a daunting task and we underestimate how much we know.  Self confidence also plays a big role at this stage. 

We understand that and that is why we offer to help you through this process. 

We can digitise your course for you at a cost, or we can guide you through the process.  We have even created a course on how to create a digital course :). The course is aimed at beginners but once you have worked through it, we find that it gives great insight into how to structure your online course, what free tools are available to help you and how it would work on our platform. 

If you are keen to get started and would like to work through our course on  “How to create a digital course”, contact us and we’ll send you the link.

For businesses that have existing training such as induction, new product training, training on how internal systems and processes work etc, we know that digitising these courses or training material is a time consuming task with no obvious responsible person since the material spans across the entire business.  We can help you. Send us the material and we’ll do the work.


If you are a small to medium sized business and do not want to invest in face to face training or you have a limited budget, one of the most cost effective ways of getting your entire team trained up is through an online course. 

It can ‘live’ on your platform indefinitely so staff can frequently take refresher courses and it is readily available for new staff members joining your organisation.

You tell us what courses you would like, and we will get to work sourcing them from all of our partners / contacts.

Online Class
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