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3 hours



Michele Kember

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to start my own business teaching and training people how to better themselves. However I decided to get a little experience under my belt so that one day, I could live my dream.

As I built a successful Corporate career, I constantly saw the need for soft skills training, business etiquette and personal development.

I finally realised my dream in 2018, when I said goodbye to my Corporate career and started Dazzle Courses. I created numerous courses and have delivered them to hundreds of people around the country. I also started hosting events for women which became more and more popular...until the outbreak of Covid, which lead to the next reiteration with my business - moving with the times and moving everything online.

About the course

75% of business leaders do not have the time to think critically, making this a sought after skill. Critical thinking is the ability to analyse facts in order to form a judgement, whereas diverse thinking is all about the way individuals think and how appreciating diversity of thought can build strong, creative and motivated teams. This Masterclass will assist in understanding yourself and others better while improving your critical thinking skills. These new skills will help you to make better decisions.
This course includes assessments, notes, worksheets and a certificate on completion.