Free radio....networking...and keeping our spirits up

I was watching a Future Females webinar and this slide resonated with me so much. It truly sums up our lives at the moment.

We go from these incredible highs to terrible lows.... On the upside, interest is increasing all the time, we are busier with meetings and website enquiries, loads of people are doing Michele's course on "How to create a digital course"....and then... the cherry on top - Michele got us free exposure on radio. OMG! How lucky we were.

A prized spot on Carl Waistie's Bizboost which entails a live interview with a small business owner. The team at KFM loved our business idea so much that they decided to make it the feature of the afternoon show.. Listeners were invited to call in and share what courses they wanted to create. They made it fun but most importantly for us, the interest was PHENOMENAL.

We were so excited to see the traffic on our website - finally, we could pull a graph that showed real spikes in website traffic. More importantly, we got good leads which will hopefully convert into sales eventually. Thank your Carl Waistie and KFM!

If you missed the interview, you can hear it here:

Then in between the highs, there were the daily challenges of starting a new business. Building our database, trying to increase our visibility through social media, using LinkedIn effectively to drive connections, direct marketing and finding ways to network. We often comment that when we get in front of people, we find it easier to sell so we have been on a mission to find live networking events...which are like hen's teeth in the middle of a pandemic.

Thanks to Nicci and @skalcapetown, we attended two great events this month. One at Simons Restaurant at Groot Constantia and the other at the Cullinan Hotel.

However we continue to search and Cape Chamber of Commerce and Future Females are emerging as two networking groups that might be worth investing in memberships for us.

To keep our spirits up...and to take advantage of the benefits that having your own business provides, we meet weekly for walks, coffee, a bite to eat...and of course, to strategise. Pics below - Grand. Pavillion, Constantia Glen, Waterfront, Bakoven

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