Our first live event....and the slog of a new business

So in between all the hard slog of getting a new business off the ground, we excitedly lifted our heads to prepare for our first live event.

We were invited to attend the inaugural Post 2020 Womxn event in collaboration with Skwat and Boundfit Studio. We invested in our first official asset - a table :) - as well as a banner and printing of coupons and flyers for the gift bags and for our 'stand. We proudly set up our stand and waited for the masses...who sadly did not come. But it was not all in vain, we networked with all the other small business' with pop-up shops and hopefully planted the seed in one or two minds that creating a course was a no brainer for them. It was a fun event - we met new people and we learnt how we could improve for future events and we stole a few ideas from others who had clearly done this before.

Armed with our newfound knowledge, we then went off to have a picnic on the beach - Michele and Natalie style. Salmon roses and bubbly!

Never ones to waste an opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life :).

And if that sounds like fun, it was but before that, we have been hard at work marketing our businesses and looking for sales. Sales! Sales leads, pipelines...this is the area that we are finding the most difficult with neither of us being very good at putting ourselves 'out there'.

We have tackled social media and ensure that we are visible - posting at least 3 times a week. We are loving watching the growth and engagement although our numbers are still small but we take heart with every new like and every new follower. Michele is our LinkedIn expert and this where we are having the most success at the moment with genuinely good leads coming from it.

We have met with limited success with email. One of the biggest challenges is that subject line and how we get people to open the mail. And then once they open, they never respond! Plus we have been debating whether using a bulk email service is more effective than a direct mail. We love mailchimp as we can gauge interest - the more times someone opens a mail, the more confidence it gives us to contact them directly.

It really is a time of trial and error and hopefully, the more we try, the luckier we will become.

Networking definitely helps - and a big thank you to family and friends who help us wherever they can. We've had some great leads - please keep them coming!

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