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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

A lifelong friendship based on our mutual love of lots of things….bubbly, travel, good food and discovering great restaurants, reading, walking….and throw in COVID-19 and you have two friends with similar goals and ambitions joining forces to re-launch Dazzle Courses.

This is not Dazzle’s first rodeo though - Dazzle is Michele’s ‘third child’ (after Tallan 26 and Cole 16 :)) and Astro

Pics of Michele's 'children' below :)

Michele launched Dazzle in 2018 and focused predominantly on live events and face to face training.

So you can see why COVID put an end to that one and it was time to reinvent Dazzle Courses.

Also serendipitously, we heard about this fabulous, award winning learning management system called Teachfolk and decided to join forces with their team.

So this blog is not only about the progress of our business as we’d hate to waste a good opportunity to promote what we are doing but it’s also about our journey.

It’s about friendship and finding joy and happiness in the little things.

It’s how we always imagined our working careers to be - lots of hard work but lots of fun in between.

We are going to share our working day and our progress so hopefully you can find some inspiration and motivation and more importantly, you can learn with us.

Progress update:

We are live!

We have re-launched our website - go and take a look at and tell us what you think. We would love your feedback.

If you have a course and you would like to load it onto our platform - please contact us.

Or if you want to upskill yourself, take a look at our courses on offer.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for regular updates on our journey...and our experiences :).

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