Technology fails and a birthday celebration

Since we last updated you, we went live and then it seemed to me, that it was one technical issue after the next. Given we are not very techie, this was very challenging for us. Our biggest issue was with Google - can you believe it, they wanted to suspend us?!! And all because we wanted to remove the unsightly map from our Google profile photos.... So we removed our physical address - our logic being we are an online business and that this would not be an issue. Wrong!

Anyway, that issue has still not been resolved but at least we are back in Google's good books (we think).

Then we attempted to send out our first email campaign using Wix...and we couldn't receive any test emails on our dazzle-courses email addresses. We finally contacted our ISP, only to find that Wix emails are seen as spam. So now we are not sure if Wix is the right free email solution or if we should go back to Mailchimp. (PS - anyone with any other suggestions out there??)

And then to top if off, Teachfolk, our learning management system also decided that last week would be the week that it would give hassles and poor Michele could not upload any course content.


But in between, we had a birthday celebration and a getaway....uhh-hum...strategy session. Not too much work was done but we celebrated in style (look at that delicious sushi)....Michele got a sparkler with her dessert.....and we chuckled at her 'vrou soek 'n boer' pose whilst walking in the vineyards.

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