What does digitising your course mean?

It is simply having it in an electronic format instead - i.e. video (mp4), powerpoint, word documents.

Remember, you are not physically present to deliver your course, so you will need to record everything that you would have said in face to face training.

There are many different tools to assist with creating videos - we love Canva!

We can also digitise your course for you.  We have a team of experienced specialists that will assess your requirements and charge accordingly.  Click here if you'd like us to contact you with more information on digitising your course.


Once you have created your course, you need to put it in a format for us to load onto our platform.

We recommend that 70% of your course is video with the remaining 30% consisting of:

- notes

- tasks

- activities

- quizzes

- final assessments (if necessary)

We can only work on the following formats:

- videos must be saved as .mp4 files 

- video files must be no larger than 60mbps and approximately 5 minutes per file

- powerpoint .ppt

- word .pdf and .doc for Google files

- images .png or pdf


Please follow the steps below in sending us your course:

  1. Please send course curriculum or structure of your course i.e all your lessons in order of how they are presented so we know the correct order when we upload your course

  2. Is this a masterclass, an intensive course or an accredited course?

  3. For masterclasses and intensive courses, will students receive a certificate of completion?

  4. How long is the course i.e. course duration?

  5. How much do you want to charge for the course?

  6. Course title (not more than 30 characters)

  7. Please include a long and short bio of your course

    • Short bio is the first description of your course that someone will read. Make it short, snappy and sound like it is THE course that you have been waiting to take

    • Long bio must give details on exactly what the course covers, what you will learn during the course and what skills you will have once you have completed the course

  8. Send an image and short bio on the teacher or course creator


Once you have the above information, please send the information via WeTransfer to both Michele and Natalie.  WeTransfer is a free file transfer service ( 

WeTransfer is simple:

The free version of Wetransfer has a size limit of 2GB.  If your files are larger than 2GB, then you will need to do 2 or 3 separate transfers.


This is where you sit back and let us do the work 

Please allow for up to 5 working days to have your course uploaded on our platform

  1. We will load your course onto

  2. You will be required to pay a once off onboarding fee of R500 per course.  Tfee.

  3. Payment can be made to the following account:

    • Dazzle Courses

    • FNB – Willowbridge

    • Account No. 62765232477

    • Branch Code – 210655

  4. Please send us proof of payment so that we can get started on loading your course.

  5. Once we have completed the upload, we will ask you to test to see if you are happy and that everything is working (we will create an account and send you login details). 

  6. You send us written approval within 48 hours

  7. We take your course live on our learning management platform (teachfolk) 

  8. We will also add your course to

  9. Depending on the uniqueness and quality of content, we might even feature it on our homepage :)

  10. Your course is now live and ready to sell


  1. Once off onboarding fee of R500 per course

  2. Monthly R149 hosting fee

  3. Fees are to be paid in advance

  4. Failure to pay monthly hosting fee will result in your course being deactivated until payment is received

  5. Banking details provided above


Sales and marketing is a joint effort.

We truly believe in the network effect for maximum sales and reach.  You tell everyone you know about your course and we’ll tell everyone we know.

Plus we invest heavily on search (Google Adwords) and social media marketing.  Our in-house social team posts everyday and we will add the promotion of your course to our social media content plan.